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What is Electron Beam Drilling (EBD)?

EBD is a thermal drilling process by which small through holes (in the range of 0.1mm up to 1.0mm) can be drilled at unusually high aspect (depth to diameter) ratios of up to 25:1, up to a maximum depth of 9.5mm. This aspect ratio coupled with the our high drilling speeds is what distinguishes this technology from all other thermal, chemical, and mechanical small hole production technologies.

EBD is performed inside of a vacuum chamber. Under vacuum we accelerate a focused beam of electrons up to 2/3the speed of light. When the beam meets the surface of the material it is vaporized as the beam burns through the remaining material. A special coating is applied to the back side of the material. As the beam breaks through the material the beam is switched off, the energy that enters the coating generates a micro explosion that blows the molten material outward to clear the hole. The resulting hole has a small radius at the entrance and a slight taper over the depth of the hole. The exit side of the hole has a defined edge without the radius as seen on the entrance side of the hole. This taper affect is a highly desired hole characteristic for filtering applications.

EBD is a very cost effective technology when your part needs 10,000’s to 1,000,000’s of holes. However, since EBD is done in a vacuum chamber parts with holes counts under 10,000 holes may be cost prohibitive due to the non-productive machine time associated with vacuum chamber pump down time.

Material hardness is not an issue, because EBD is a thermal process we can drill any grade of stainless steel, tool steels, titanium, and ceramics.

Physical part size limitations, we can produce drilled cylinders from 200mm up to 950mm to a maximum width of 1000mm. Most of the parts we drill are drilled on a cylinder. Since the machine is CNC programmed/controlled we can drill any pattern or shape on a cylinder and then cut it into a flat sheet. We also have a 5-axis manipulator which allows us to drill round discs and angled holes as well.

Technology applications, the size of holes we can drill coupled with our high aspect ratio is ideally suited for high pressure filtration applications.

We produce parts for;

  • Fiber glass insulation industry
  • Food/Juice Process Filtration
  • Pulp and Paper Filtration
  • Waste Water Filtration
  • Recycled Plastic Filtration
  • Paint Pigment particle milling
  • Screening — particle separation
  • Non Woven Products
  • Aerospace

If you have a potential application for EBD

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